Living in the most expensive areas of Valencia

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The real estate market has grown in Valencia, and in the growing sale of apartments, there is a sector that has grown particularly. It is about the sale of luxury apartments. The most expensive areas of Valencia rub their hands, and it is that every day, new investors look for homes in old neighborhoods, and also in new ones.


From L'Eixample to NouCampanar , passing through the Avenida de Francia and reaching the beach itself, and it is that, even the houses of Cabanyal, which have been forgotten for so long, today are crowded with foreign investors, who want to bet on the Levantine coast to locate their properties.


While the crisis wreaked havoc across the country, the real estate sector in Valencia took great notice of it. Since then, the city has recovered as much as possible. Today, we have reached the moment of a recovery. Recovery so evident that there is a great demand for luxury apartments . And is that   many people look for the most expensive areas of Valencia.

The luxury houses of Valencia

The most expensive areas of Valencia: CiutatVella and L'Eixample, from the walls to the inside

Among all the demand, many of the buyers still prefer to live in the most legendary neighborhoods of Valencia . The powerful Valencia, the stately one. A Valencia where the city has always been identified with wealth. The Valencia of walls inside. They are houses that are part of the most expensive areas of Valencia, and that are a real pleasure for those who live there. For the essence of a neighborhood and for the luxury of one of these areas .




Framed between the two old city gates , the Torres de Quart and Torres de Serranos, with more tourists than any other neighborhood and more history than in the entire city, the historic center of Valencia is a true nucleus of luxury apartments.

The Carmen neighborhood is the best known of CiutatVella. A place that maintains the charm of the original layout of its streets. This factor makes living in this place revalue, both for its history and for its beauty.




In the Levantine capital, in the center of Valencia, it is known as Eixample. This district includes the neighborhoods of Ruzafa, Plá del Remei and Gran Vía . It is the most stately area of ​​Valencia, where luxury has always been related to its streets.

The center of Valencia, the most sought after


One of the areas that has appreciated the most lately is Ruzafa. In recent years, a poor neighborhood has become one of the most sought after, especially for rent. The life of the streets of Ruzafa is, today, unmatched to that of any other area of ​​Valencia.


In these neighborhoods you will find one of the most expensive areas of Valencia, luxury apartments and penthouses that make foreign investors rub their hands.

The most expensive areas of Valencia: The expanding city

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Years ago, the city of Valencia opened up to its borders and began to expand. An expansion that takes place, both east and west. Residential cities, luxury resorts, houses with pools and mansions crowd the outskirts of the city. In a new space for different homes.


The Avenida de Francia or the Campanar neighborhood are one of the examples of the new homes that emerge in the city. The first, sheltered by the City of Sciences and the promises of a modern Valencia, houses apartments for all tastes.

The English Court on Avenida de Francia


Another of the most expensive areas of Valencia is near the Palacio de Congresos. This is NouCampanar, an authentic neighborhood full of complexes with paddle tennis and swimming pools for the more fortunate.


The expansion of the city has managed to find a luxury audience for the most expensive areas of Valencia.



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